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Hello from Lincolnshire England

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Hello everyone from sunny Lincolnshire, England. Picking up my 'new' 2014 Black F6C on Monday. Really excited about it. I just turned 49, I've had all sorts of bikes over the years from Harleys to Hayabusa's and most things in between, started riding at 15. Fancied a Goldwing for quite a while now because of the iconic engine and legendary status but didnt need such a huge bike TBH so never did anything about it. i didnt even know the F6C existed until about a fortnight ago but I happened across some Valkyrie Youtube clips that were linked to Goldwings and I was really taken with it, its exactly what i wanted, a stripped Goldwing. So I made a big decision to try and find one and buy it. Personally I love the way it looks. From reading forum posts I am somewhat amazed that in America especially you seem to be able to buy these so easily and cheaply. In the UK F6C's are neither cheap nor easily found. Put it this way I have NEVER even seen one out on the road before! Ever. I had to pay strong money for it because it has delivery miles but there's literally a small handful for sale over here in the whole country so I have no regrets. They say you should never meet an idol dont they but i reckon that first run up through the gears is going to be a woo-hooooooooo moment! :D
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I love this bike and I love it more each time I ride it. Especially, after I ride something else. :)
Hi from sunny Staffordshire.

Makes me jealous when i look at the prices they pay over in the states for these bikes.

Had mine about 5 weeks now,love it its definitely a keeper.
Hello from Sunny central Florida, USA. I too am just under 50 and have ridden many bikes over the years. I am currently riding a 1990 CBR1000F. My new 2014 F6C will be dilvered in a bout 10 days or so. Can't wait to ride. I am sure it will be awesome. All the reviews are pretty great on these. These bikes seem to be selling like crazy over here in the states. But, with that being said, I have only ever seen one other one on the road since they came out. And then I saw it twice and was curious enough to go down the same youtube road as you. Then I rode it.....the rest is history. I am really looking forward to riding a bike you don't see everyday.
Just been out for my second ride. Getting to grips with its gearing and little ways like shifting into 2nd more or less straight away to pretty much avoid the clunk. I also adjusted the throttle to having minimal play at the grip and i found this much easier to coordinate and get a properly slick shift. Its really bloody lovely this bike. Had a few people gawp at it as i went past them too. It looks the dogs do-dahs. Regarding prices we pay in the UK compared to America best not say how much petrol costs us then.......:(
I am 65 years young and have for the last six years been riding a Honda NT700V and currently have 100,697 mile on it. When they discounted the price on July 1st it caught my eye. Took me four days to locate a Blue one in my area and negotiations on out the door price but have my dream bike. Now to sell the NT700v and hopefully put bags on the Valk.
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