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Hello riders of Valkyrie,may Odin be with you through your journeys!

Enough with the theatrical entries,let me introduce myself...

Name is Darko...43 years young,born,raised and living in Croatia...ridIng bikes from 13 YOA (BMW,Yamaha,Suzuki,etc).
Been riding last couple of years 2012 H-D FLSTN.
Sold it to buy a Valk,a beauty and a beast in one.
2015.,black with Corbin Fleetline bags,bought it from a German dealer,originaly imported from Florida with around 10K miles on ODO.
A candy for my eyes.

I always liked muscle bikes since I owned V-max when I was 20 ,traded it for XJR 1300,then to B-king...even had a Diavel on use from a friend 2 seasons.
Wife and kids came,I sold everything.
Before 4 years I get to buy H-D Softail Deluxe...good bike but I was never satisfied with that idea and hype.
But will stay in memory for getting me again back in the saddle.

Then came the Valk.
I believe F6C is my soul ride now,I'm planing to keep it since I believe the new bikes are getting fuglier every year...

I'm here first to search your forum for informations and maybe with time to post some text or a picture,we will see...

Stay good and healthy and godspeed to all of you!
Welcome to the forum Darko! I'm in Crested Butte, Colorado. About 1,700 miles west of NY and 1,200 miles east of California.

Tire Land vehicle Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle

My bike is a 2014. I bought it four years ago. It had 2,700 miles on it then it has 7,000 on it now. I'm the third owner. The original owner also owned a paint shop. He's the one that did the custom paint job. That's not why I bought the bike though. Hondas are super reliable. I was looking for something with a drive shaft. I hate chains and belts. The four things I've changed or added on my bike are 1) running/fog lights, 2) USB plug for charging stuff and can also be used with a Battery Tender, 3) running boards and new shifters and 4) replaced the stock seat a Corbin dual tourer.

I've been posting my YouTube videos on the Forum. There are a few us here that do that.

My channel is called Ride of the Valkyrie - Dan Lockhart
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