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Hello and Happy Wednesday!

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I came across this forum while researching for a manual and information. I have just purchased a new 2015 Valkyrie and I have so far traveled only 300 KMs on it. Greetings from Canada!

I am just currently working on installing Tridium fog light with integrated turn signals. The instructions for signal and daytime wiring is poor. Has anyone had experience with this? they indicate to splice wires for it but nothing to tell were to wire them.

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No idea mate, I skipped that and just went nuts instead :D

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I bought the SoCal daytime/fog/turn signal lights with an adaptor from Admore Lighting. Followed the instructions from Cruiserman and Admore. They work perfectly. Thanks to Moofner for figuring it out and posting.
I really like those socal ones, enormously expensive for me here tho. Working on something to fill those holes that should be a lot cheaper for me.
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