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Gustaffson Windshields

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I ordered mine with a 2" extension and "Euroflip."
I sent them my new Boulevard Screen to use as a template.
Picture is of the one in the mail on the way to me now.
I ordered in dark red to match the Honda Flagship logo on the radiator shrouds.
It looks good to me !!
I get it on Wednesday.
I'll post pics installed ASAP.
... PS also got the trip from Bike MP3 for the foglights, I'll post on that too when installed.

-Chadley :D
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That will look sweet on the Valkyrie!!! Can't wait to see the posted pictures!!!
Here my bike with the small boulevard windscreen wrapped with Carbon fiber vinyl , and MRA tour clamp-on deflector , ajustable !


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blackwidow - looks cool...unique
Mikesgotmods - Thanks, screen is at my buddy's paintshop now, I hope it comes out well, they are painting the edge smoked black to match the Honda badge.
not a fan of the carbon fiber wrap but to each their own, if i had to lay on a wrap it would be something gloss or flat black.
2" over windshield mounted

here are a couple of pics from today, after mounting the 2" taller than the boulevard screen, made by Gustafsson Plastics. I had my buddies (Austin Paintworks) paint it to match the smoked appearance of the Honda badges on the radiator shrouds.
It was a definite improvement in the wind...much less squeezing of the grips or flexing of stomach is necessary at cruising speeds.
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I'll take better pics later, I was interested in riding primarily today... it was sunny and in the 70's !!
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One of my buddies told me the bike looked like one in Judge Dredd the movie. I think it was an insult, but I laughed and acted like it was a compliment. haha.
Right look for the windshield, it reminds me of the little jump-wind there was on some Yamaha VMAX 1200.

Is it adjustable for inclination?
That does look nice matched to the Honda badge on the side, a daring choice that definitley paid off. Nice going on being creative!!
Chadleys1, take the Judge Dredd reference as a complement. To the non-biker public, this bike looks like a superhero should be riding it!! Judge Dredd, Robocop, Batman, it's all good!!
Thanks guys. I can't wait to do some real miles on it.

Mikesgotmods- I googled the reference and was really cracking up at the motorbikes in that Dredd movie haha... I didn't think they looked too bad.
At this point I don't think any comment would bug me much about the bike.
I love that thing, and the newness doesn't seem to be wearing off.

Jean-mi- Mounts for Boulevard screen are not readily adjustable per se, but there is a range of position in which the installer chooses to tighten down the assembly. Depending on your skills, the mounts could be carefully bent in a vise to meet your needs. I'm sure I'll fine-tune the installation sooner or later, maybe lay it back a couple of degrees, maybe not.


Looks like you've had experience with the Valk in 3 configurations: no windscreen, blvd screen and now the 2+ Gustaffson.
Can you state what kind of wind protection improvements you got through these series of changes?
Like most, riding around town ( under 55 mph) the air flow around the bike is fine. When getting up on the hwy and at sustained speeds of 70+ there is a real need for some air management. Hopefully something other than a huge flat piece of plastic

Any insight you can share would be appreciated.
The 2 over screen makes it 100% liveable for me. At 55 it feels like still air, almost. At 70, you can feel the wind, but it takes very little effort to deal with it. Strangely enough, up to 90 and 100 feel about like 70, except for the windnoise and a little more buffeting.
Note: I was in love with the bike from the beginning, but really did not like the wind blowing me back so hard. From 50 mph on up, the wind blast was really bugging me. With the 2 over screen, I never think about it.

I never used the boulevard screen at it's stock height. I sent the screen brand new to Gustafsson, so they could fabricate me a new taller one, that was similarly shaped.

When judging windscreens, I feel it is important to look back and consider what you are used to.
I never run huge windshields on my bikes. Most have been standards with short flyscreens or no windshields. I've had a few dualsports/big dualsports/adventure bikes with smaller windscreens. Those have always worked out great for me. If you are coming from a background of big touring bikes with big windshields/fairings you look through, obviously you'd probably expect more wind protection than what the 2 over provides.

best I can do.
Hope it helps.
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What mounting bracket did you use on yours?
Boulevard screen factory bracket from Honda.
I'm wondering, i'll have to take some measurements but the 14" screen in light smoke from them could be a winner. I want to be able to wear a half helmet comfortably with it but not have it right in the middle of my sightline, just below would be perfect I think... The Wheels are turning now. I'd like to be able to take any of my bikes on a road trip and go anywhere with them, this would make the Valk very comfy to ride anywhere. I already have the back rest and rack just need a better screen and a good seat. The stocker isn't bad but after 1400 miles on it it's not that good either lol.
I have same windshield from Gustaffson, but with their mounting hardware. I notice yours is further forward than mine (didn't get any installation instructions).

How is helmet buffeting at highway speed with it set up that way?

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