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Greetings from Houston

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I have had my Valkyrie for three months and only logged 1500 miles because it has been torn apart most of the time. This is my fourth Valk (99 Std, 01 IS, and 04 Rune) and by far the best. The best thing about this Valk, to me, is the low seat height and high ground clearance. The usual problem is that I take a perfectly good bike (Busa, BKing, CRB1100XX, GL18, and many more) and lower it so my feet will touch the ground; and, thus, destroy the handling and road feel of the bike. My wife rode for years, and put her own bikes together, but back injuries have prevented her from riding the last couple of years. We now have a 08 GL18A, a 13 GL18B, a 14 GL18C, and a 09 Burgman. We look forward to a long and pleasant relationship with our new Valk.
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