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GPS or IPHONE (plus mount advise)

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I would like to mount a GPS or Iphone on the bike. Here's my questions:

-- Is using an phone as good as a dedicated GPS?
-- If so, favorite app?
-- Best mount for iphone 5s (with otter box defender case)

I have ordered a wiring kit with generic female USB that hooks direct to the battery. Thanks and look forward to hearing your stories...
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I connected a power cable from the battery tender to Ram mount for Garmin Zumo GPS
One Iphone vs a stand alone GPS difference is data usage. I love Waze. It gives you updates on reported police and traffic accident/slow downs. Maps are always up to date too. I use a Rokform case with the handle bar mount on my machine. The voice prompts go though my Sena headset. My case isnt waterproof but I hardly ride in the rain. Hope that helps.
GPS on phone + mount

I like my bike as naked as possible so I try to use anything on the phone to avoid numerous items to mount..
Usually I use Copilot, Sygic or Navigon but in my own data area I now use waze, amazing free app. (btw, phone is android).

Now for the mount took me ages to find a discreet, easy to view place on my F6B, now I need to do it again wiith the Valk..
Can't imagine having a huge ugly stuff always visible.
So far I am thinking of using the tech-connect if I find a way to fix it on the bar, right below the fluid box (left side), again I don't want to use the ball mount as it is too visible.

If you have ideas or pictures (even better) please share.

re: GPS hope this helps
I'm using my iPhone with a RAM X-mount (using the new RAM Claw to hold it to the handlebar). It's right in easy reach of my left hand, hasn't moved a millimeter on any length ride. I use either Maps, Google Maps, or Waze depending on my mood and destination, routed up to my UClear system in my helmet. Works great!
I think the newer phones are better than a dedicated GPS. Maps get updated automatically and don't cost anything extra, I don't know how they are now but Garmin used to charge $90/yr to get updated maps. Since I'll always have a a phone with me, using it for multiple purposes means one less device I have to worry about buying/mounting/maintaining. I've always used google maps in the past and it worked pretty well. I have an iphone 6s+ now and the IOS maps app seems to be even more accurate than google although I need more time with it before I trust it.
I don't have my phone mounted, I've considered it but I like having it on me and just relying on voice directions to guide me. Also, with google maps, you can download maps of an area for offline use and then you won't have to worry about data charges while riding. I have a very limited data plan and don't ride outside my area very often so this works well for me.
I prefer a phone simply because it does everything. I used to run with it in my pocket but I ended up mounting it. This is not so I can see it but so it can be on charge all the time. No more flat batteries for me on long rides.
I've been using the TomTom iPhone app for years. It's updated about twice a year (free). The initial cost is about $40. The HUGE advantage of TomTom vs Most everything else is the fact that the app has all of the maps built in (about 4GB of storage used). This way, no cellular data is used for running the maps, which translates into data savings but MORE IMPORTANTLY you always have your maps, even if you don't have data service. As for mounting, I use a RAM mount coupled with a custom 3D printed housing that I designed. I have a wireless Qi adapter embedded into the mount, which enables me to just slide my phone in and get power without messing with cables.


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I use the Quadlock mount on my Samsung S7. Unfortunately they don't make the Samsung case any more so I use a universal stick on adapter. Many options available for the iPhone to choose from. These mounts are made for cycling but have used it touring on my Valkyrie for over 12 months and works a treat. Aussie product but also sold out of the US, just google them and see the range.
I have used these cycling for over 3 years, never had a problem or heard of them failing so highly recommend it.

I am unable to post the pics being a new member, contact me if you would like a few snap shots of how it looks.

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