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Hi there. I’ve had my Valkyrie since 2014. I love it. I say I’ve painted myself into a corner by buying it. How will any other bike make the grade after riding this beast? I guess I won’t worry about it just yet. Maybe I go straight from this to a wheelie walker!
I like the longer rides This going across town for a coffee isn’t my preferred style. My over night emergency bag is a ziplock sandwich bag and in it is change of undies and toothbrush.
Recently widowed which isn’t fun. We rode everywhere together. My main reason for joining forum is to get ideas about maintenance and tyres and all the man stuff to do with bikes. I was lazy and let him do it all but I did change my oil and filter last it needed it. I am at least having a go. In the almost four years of owning my bike I have never seen one other and I’ve been to Tasmania and back. Where do you all hide?
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Welcome from Newcastle NSW Kerry. I'm sorry to hear you lost your man recently.

If you like the longer rides then maybe checkout FarRiders (

1000km minimum days with regular gatherings all over Oz where about 100 riders (solo or maybe a few together - this is not big group riding) meet somewhere for lunch then head off again. Next QLD rides are Nindigully (1250km from Townsville)in April and Marlborough (620km) in July.

As far as I'm aware I'm the only FarRider with a Valkyrie (bought second hand last July), but you'll see a couple of F6Bs and a handful of Goldwings of course.
Welcome from the states, Louisiana to be exact!
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