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Greetings all!!

Just checking in as a future Valk owner... I'm circling in on a used 2014 with about 8k on the clock and 10 months warranty left. Just need to get all the paperwork done (which is a pain since I'm a service advisor at a dealership and my work hours 100% conflict with getting stuff done at a different dealer)

Previous ride for me include a Kawa VN800, VTX 1300, and a Yammi FZ6R. In association with my dealership I was able to take a 2006 Goldwing on a 9 day, 4K mile trip. Now I'm hooked on the flat six.

Passenger concessions include a windshield (likely a Slipstreamer B-Wing) and a sissy bar of some sort. Struggling to find options other than OEM, and hoping someone could point me in the right direction for an alternative.

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