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Fuse box and ACC terminal

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On a Goldwing, this is located behind the battery under the side cover. Is it under the seat on a Valkyrie (2014+) or in the same place as the Goldwing?
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So what are you all calling an accessory terminal?? On my wing it was pretty simple. Pulled the cover on this fuse panel and all I saw was some screws around Maine fuse.
No accessory terminal

Just hooked up an "X" cell phone holder c/w usb port on my 2014 Valk. Also have a 2009 wing, and was expecting the Valk to have an accessory terminal near the fuse box like the wing. Pulled the left side cover and seat. No acc terminal either at fuse box or behind battery. Owners manual says nothing about it.

Ended up hooking up to battery with an in line fuse.

I had a 98 Valkyrie way back when and it had an acc terminal under the seat (but you had to know it was there)


Be warned even with nothing in that USB port it will be using power and more then you may expect. USB ports have transformers in them that chew juice and as such I have a switch in line to stop this. This works out better because I don't want things to stop charging while I am parked for lunch but I don't want it bleeding down the power while it sits in the garage until the next weekend.
not to worry, usb X-holder thingy has an on-off switch built in. Drove me nuts til i found it, cause i thought i'd mucked up my wiring job :) but thanks for the tip, will keep it in mind if i get something similar without a switch
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