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Fork bag?

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Does anyone know of an available fork bag for the Valkyrie? It would be nice to have a place to store small items
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trouble with fork bags on a bike, they scratch the f+++ out of everything but be my guest lots of universal ones out there choose your poison
What he said. ^^^

I went with the Cortech 2.0 tail bag. I also have a windshield bag which is convenient for phone and wallet. Mine is mounted on my passenger pillion but it can also go on a luggage rack.


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Yea, I have had fork bags before that scratch everything, so was just wondering...
that is a really nice tank bag but since the beautiful wife won’t ride I’m setup for solo..
tank bag on a valk? sounds like more scratches!!!
tank bag on a valk? sounds like more scratches!!!
It’s a tail bag, not a tank bag. I do have a tank bag as well for longer rides. I solved the scratch part by installing 3M clear protective film where the bags magnets touch the tank.
Sorry, meant nice tail bag..
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