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Hi guy's I have a post in forum about the Fleetliner saddlebags problem installation ,I have it all sorted now.
You can see the pictures 😜 in that forum.
I have mechanical background and fabrication, I could clearly see there was something wrong with the whole thing.
I've seen more pics from other members about this product from Corbin, it's make you cry.
I live in Cairns Queensland Australia ,but if I lived in the US for sure I give Corbin a visit even if it's a 1000 miles way .
Discusting how they threat customers .
Below the response from Corbin.

Hi Rick,
My rep showed the photos to the fiberglass department and they confirmed that everything is correct.

The bags and hardware are consistent in size and shape. Not sure what is happening. Is it possible to get a second opinion from a local shop?
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