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Howdy all,

Just wanted to introduce myself to the Forum. A little about me, I've been riding for about 17 years. Started with a 97 CBR 600F3, upgraded to a 01 CBR 600F4i, the after a few years, decided that I wanted to be comfortable when I ride, so I bought a 03 Magna VF750. Had her for almost 8 years, then last November I traded her in for my 2014 Valkyrie. By far the best ride I've come across.
I'm active Army stationed at Fort Gordon, GA so I try to ride whenever I can. I've only put 4k miles on her, so I'm still breaking her in. Trying to plan a trip to Deals Gap this year, but we'll see.
I've been floating on this Forum since I've had the Valkyrie, and so far I've enjoyed reading and hopefully I can contribute.
Safe Riding!
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