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Finally I got it :)

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Hi from Turkey again.
A few weeks ago I have mentioned that I was considering to buy a 1800cc Valkyrie.
Now I achieved it :) Thank God. This is reallya great bike.
I bought it as second hand which has 5.000km on its tacho.
Color is red or maroon I'm not sure but really nice color option.

These accesories were already installed on it :

- Honda Touring screen with MRA addition screen
- Honda fog lights
- Honda wind deflectors
- Corbin seat and backrest

This is what it looks like when I got it:

After riding it for 500km to my home. İmmeadiately began to uninstall the unneccessary parts.
For example the windshield:

It's too long and ruins the look of the bike. Also it makes the bike unstable at high speeds. I wanna feel the wind. Otherwise I will carry on driving my Mercedes :) Am I right ?

Also i disliked the wind deflectors:

The bike is wide already and keeps the legs from wind. There is no need for this ugly part.

After that i uninstalled the back rest just to look at the bike without it. I will mount it back on when i will ride with a passenger on long trips.

Now the bike looks like this:

And my riding impressions:
Absolutely great. I had several bikes before this but this is marvellous. Engine is so smooth there is no vibrations at all. Also handles well and very easy to ride in high city traffic. Incredibely well balanced.
The sound is amazing. 6 cylinders is perfect tone. After riding this bike I can never go on with a harley or another V Twin.
While riding in city stop and go traffic I never get heat from the engine. This is best.
Corbin seat is so comfy. I rode it for 500km from İstanbul to Ankara and there was no pain in my body. Also I rode it for another 600km yesterday and when I got home I changed my shirt and take my girl to dinner with bike. Never felt tired.
The performance and the torque is more than enough. No need to downshift. Easily rides at every speed on the fifth gear.
Fog lights is great at night and day. Cars leave the lane to me when they see me coming.
Horn is just like truck and weel heard in traffic.

The minus is for the grips. They are too thick, hard to hold and reach the levers. I wonder if can i can change them with thinner ones. Also is there any options for adjustable levers ? I prefer to hold them easily.

Long story short, this is the best bike I ever had and ı think i will ride it for a long time.
In some topics I saw that valkyrie is compared to Diavel but as a person who rod diavel I can say that I will never change my valkyrie to a ducati. Diavel may be more powerfull but the sound and vibration is awfull. Never good bike for long distance riding.

I wanna hear your suggestions about bike.
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Congrats, it looks nice. I don't like a big windshield either but prefer to have some kind of shield during the winter, otherwise it just gets too cold.
I don't really put the Diavel in the same class as a Valkyrie. The Diavel, like the Vmax, is a sport bike pretending to be a cruiser, not really the same thing. Sure they have power, but they look kinda ugly, and I don't have any desire to ride one.
Glad to hear you're happy with yours, I'm looking forward to getting a Valk too, still trying to save enough.
Thank you,
Hope soon you will get your bike too.
wish I had the wind deflectors , can not find them here

Nice looking bike , you'll love it
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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