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I am wanting to get to know some Valkyrie riders in my area. If you live in the Greater East Texas Area and are interested, I have created Honda Valkyrie Riders of East Texas page.
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I want to do the same where I live. I just made up some business cards ("Valkyrie Riders Perth" with contact details) and will be putting them on the counter at the Goldwing dealership to try and catch guys who bring their Valks in for servicing.
never seen another one ......:[
I'm just across Toledo Bend in Natchitoches.
I think your best bet is probably to try to find a goldwing group that will let you ride with them.

I know I've never seen another valkyrie and they only made these bikes for 2 years and there are still a lot of them that never sold. There just aren't that many out there unfortunately.
I am a member of a couple of older model Valkyrie Groups and would also like to get to know some of them as well. I have seen several older models in the area but never a 14-15 Valkyrie. Just wondering if I have the only one in the area.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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