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F6c or Indian chief

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Hi all thanks for letting me post, I had a victory boardwalk which I loved but then someone tried to drive over it and now I need to get a new bike but I can not make a decision between a cracking deal on a f6c or a ex demo Indian chief???!!! Any help or views would be helpful please
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two different animals here . the chief is not in the same dept. when it comes to performance and handling. nice bike though, kind of a laid back cruiser .the valk is more like a hot rod when you want to be, a cruiser when you don't. want to hang with the h.d. guys get the chief. want to be different get the valk .the flat 6 is like cocaine once you had it you want more! trust me
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My "new" 2014 Blue Valk is killer. 0-60 in 3.1 seconds, and cruse all day with smoothness. Everyone looks at it. Blacked out motor, Nice sound. I'm going to take it to Saturday Night car show in Scottsdale this fall sometime. Never seen a Valk there, just have finish my bags.
I rode my cousin's Indian Chieftain last April. The thing roasted my nuts and it was not a warm day. I would hate to ride it on a hot day in July. I am sure that he will have issues with that rear cylinder in a few years. It just gets way too hot.
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