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F6C Good For Touring?

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Any of you boys logged some serious long distance miles on the Valk? Whats she like for touring, seat wise, ergonomics wise, luggage wise???

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The seat sucks big time. It is fine for about 100 miles, after that it becomes torture.
I agree the seat is the limiting factor and hopefully we will have some after market options in a few months like Ultimate, Mustang, Saddleman, etc. Otherwise it seems like it will be a very capable touring bike with that sweet 6 cylinder motor and adding the tall windscreen, highway pegs, luggage rack, power outlet and throttle lock.
Sounds like the $100 Rune seat. I brought a Rune to Bikeweek in 04 or 05 and tried to ride to Key West and the Rune's seat was just awful. Such a nice expensive, one of a kind Honda and the seat literally was $100…….
You'd also probably need to have a windscreen installed. The seat also would need some work. SO its possible to turn it into a touring bike, but its not like it is the optimal choice.
I think it will be relatively easy to make it a tourer. However, it won't be easy to switch back and forth between cool stripped down cruiser and comfortable tourer.
Needs a new seat with backrest.

Christy put on 2200 miles without a windshield. She now has the tall shield, and says the seat sucks. She talked to Des with Ultimate Seats, he plans to have a seat in about 6 months. She also emailed Mustang, they hope to have one out this fall.

Not a fan of the Hondaline bags, I hope the aftermarket will have something nice.
any one thinking of hitting a local upholsterer and getting them to custom fit the seat? a friend of mine recently suggested that after doing it on an old BMW K100 he picked up from Kijeej... Less than a Corbin for example with far greater results...

they'll even let you have a sit before its all sewn back together to make sure you're feeling comfy...
If I was me, and last time I checked, I was.

I would use the NELSEN-RIGG saddle Bags they are Nice for the money.

I like their

And I like a bag that can go on and come off fairly easily and not be able to detect that there were any bags on there.

I want my bike to be mostly Naked, but be able add things to it on a day to day basis, or when needed and remove them when I want a naked bike again, at a moments notice.
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