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F6C Colors

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I notice that the F6C is listed as available in Blue Metallic, Black and Dark Red Metallic.

We've seen blue and black, they're in the banner after all. Has anyone seen Dark Red yet?
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I haven't seen any photos no.

Anyone else?
found these floating around a UK site, wonder if the Dark Red F6C will be Euro Exclusive?

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I hope that they don't make it Euro-only. That would be pretty disappointing. It's almost a purple color.

Does Honda do that with any other bikes they produce?
i think it might be for the american market, it seems to be a color americans would favor a lot.
I don't know, Honda does it all the time. For instance CTX1300 is only available in white to Europeans while North America gets a blue they dont...
Eh I'm not a huge fan of the DARK red anyways

The blue and black are nice.
Yea blue is my first pick as well, but I do favour this red over the black...
Might be time to get a poll running to see what the majority prefers.
Not only have I seen one, I have one! And I love it. New member as of 5-19-2014....Duane
Brought mine home Saturday, the red is beautiful in the sunlight, lots of metallic flake in it.

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Ill take any color but BLACK to me black does not, and should NOT be on any vehicle PERIOD!!

Ill take either a Blue or Wine colored.
I'm curious as to why you don't think vehicles should be painted black ?
This motorcycle is beautiful in blue in red and in black. It is my opinion.
I like the black a lot (I have one!) but if the dealer had had a red one in stock I would have bought that instead.

I have never seen a blue Valkyrie in real life (Or any other Valkyrie!) so I can't comment on how that one looks.

The nice thing about black is it matches almost any other color.
I have had black bikes before and vowed never again.

Reason why;
They feel Hotter,
they water spot very easily, or it shows much better on that black bike.
shows swirl marks more easily
get dirty faster
Bikes are invisible enough as is, a Black bike just takes it one step further.
Everybody has black bikes, More black bike than any other color look at HD

I don't like black vehicle, I like a color that is bright.

I would love to have seen this bike in a
Cool Copper.
maybe a Lava color which is a Redish Orange

or Pearl yellow

I really like the OEM Wine color, and the Blue.

Silver is the worst color, (although I Like silver) for accidents, it is the most Invisible and most accidents occur on a silver bike, according to insurance companies.

I am so glad that honda did Not do a baby blue.

Everything is about personal preference right, that my personal preference.

I am really close to pulling the trigger on a new valk.

But was thinking about a repaint as soon as I got one.

I would rather have it the way I wanted it, rather than just settle for what ever is available, that was how I got my first Black bike.

It was a 09' Suzuki Vstrom 1000, in Black, I loved the bike, but the color was terrible.
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I saw a new red Valk today at a ride-in at a not-so-local dealer. It looked real nice. I would have a hard time deciding if both were available to me when I bought mine.

The paint on the newer Hondas is real soft so it shows all sorts of imperfections easily. I just accept it for what it is and don't worry about it. My bike is pretty dirty most of the time but I ride a lot more than anyone else I know. Every time I go to clean it I just go for a ride instead.

I heard the paint is worse because it is a new type of paint that is better for the environment.

My wife only drives her sports car to work on pretty days. I think she is missing out on a lot of fun driving, but she also cleans the car every weekend, so that it looks better-than-new. I don't understand her thinking but it makes her happy.
That dark red metallic one is nice. There is one for sale at a dealer in Las Vegas. The candy red one in 2015 is also great, I test rode one this week.. Ended up getting the blue one, because on the blue one, the chrome trim is blacked out. I would have been happy with any of them.

Brought mine home Saturday, the red is beautiful in the sunlight, lots of metallic flake in it.

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