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ez pass

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where is the most inconspicuous place to mount the EZ Pass?
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I chose to go to their web site and register the license plates of all my vehicles/motorcycles. You won't need to mount/carry the silly thing or worry about someone stealing it off your bike. Works the same way, auto billed with applicable discount to the payment method you choose. You can also use it for parking/entrance to State Parks, facility's, city parking garages, tolls and is now reciprocal in other states as well. Very useful tool.
i am registered and would like to mount the EZ pass. I am in NY and unfortunately all bridge and tunnel crossing do not have express lanes that simply read the license plates.
I did carry mine for about a year and experimented carrying/mounting in different locations. At first I had the early large model with suction cups that was windshield mounted. It scared the heck out of me thinking I would loose it, or it would just fall off. It never did. I did not want it visible to others so I next concealed it in my windshield pouch/bag not knowing if the signal would transmit through the leather pouch, it did every time, no problem. I then received the free upgraded tiny version and experimented again tossing it into my side hardbag, again no problem transmitting. Now it's in a drawer somewhere and I registered all my plates. If yours works as well as mine you should have no problems no matter what location you choose. I hope this helps.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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