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I have now done 24000kms on my 2014 Valkyrie.
I have had an issue with the engine turning over but not starting.
(Kill switch working fine)
After leaving the bike for a while I tried starting the bike with the second key and it started fine and again with my usual key no problem.
When the bike would not fire up I left the ignition on and the PGM light flashed
1 long 9 short I tried to cross reference to the below link page.(Although not Valkyrie originated but still Honda)
1 long + 9 short = 19 =Ignition Pulse Sensor,connection or loose sensor.

Can anyone pinpoint where this sensor is. I will try to locate via the below link.
Am I looking for it in the right place.
Will check connector etc as a starting point.

I dont want to get stuck out the other side of the Black Stump with my bike turning over and not starting.
Need to eliminate this issue. Dealer is closed over Xmas/New Year break.
Any feedback would be appreciated.:confused:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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