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eight washers in instructions for centerstand

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First off I want to thank this forum for the knowledge one can find here about our bikes, I'm new here and wanted a center stand and found all the info needed here, this site is great, so I found everything on e-bay and installed the stand today, piece of cake thanks to everything I read here, one question I have though is in the Honda instruction sheet it spells out eight washers, I see no where these are used so are they just to use to help hook the spring as I saw mention of someone using eight washers to help hook the spring, I had no trouble using a phillip's screwdriver as suggested on this site, worked great, so the eight washers aren't used anywhere correct? i just wanted to clarify that , thanks.
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If I recall correctly the instructions call for you to discard the 4 OEM washers from each of the 2 lower panels.

When re-installing the panels you replace these 8 washers with new ones.
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