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Easy Brackets

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Has anyone used Easy Brackets to attach saddle bags on the F6C the web site said they fit all Valkeries, I have the brackets with Edge Saddle bags on my Yamaha cruiser, both quality products, thanking you John.
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They don't appear to be usable with the 2014/2015 Valkyrie models, but will work with the old model Valkyrie. May want to call them and ask: (866) 521-3024. Valkyrie: The docking posts attach to the two mounting holes in the fender rail - which the new Valkyrie does not have.
Thanks dmal I was of the same opinion as you explained, l live on the Sunshie Coast in Australia a belt expensive to ring them, once again thanks for the reply John
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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