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Doin it Old Skool...

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Got my new Valkyrie two weeks ago and decided it needed to take a trip to the mountains for some fun. So I set out from Tampa FL and finished in Atlanta GA. Tomorrow I'll be headed to the Helen area and beyond to see some really really pretty roads, maybe do some tubing and then of course more roads.

So like the folks in days gone by I took the Valkyrie in her native stock form, that means 500 miles with no windscreen, no rack, no passenger backrest, no driver backrest, no nothing but highway pegs LOL.

Now I've learned a few things along the way. First is you should probably be in decent shape before undertaking 500 miles of 75mph interstate. I think I may have abs now.

Second is you really should just get a windshield if your gonna do this. Don't think about it just go get it.

Third: The stock seat sucks. I can do 600 miles all day on the F6B and my GoldWing, this one, now way. Bought a gel pad at a truck stop to help my sore ass out.

Probably should have got the passenger backrest and rack so I could have put my tour pack on it. Would have been really nice.

Oh did I mention it really needs a windshield, like really really. Well hope to do a couple hundred miles tomorrow and then 500 miles home on monday so it'll be a 1300+ mile trip by the time I get home.

Oh and I probably should have just taken the F6B which is what I was going to do but I figure the first set of curvy roads I hit with this thing will make that all go away!
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Well did a long 700 miles yesterday. Went from Atlanta to Chattanooga for a backrest and rack that Southern Powersports had in stock. Made for a long day, got home at 6am so sleep was needed after that haul. I did pick up a Gel Pad from one of the truck stops that made the intolerable stock seat actually comfy for 700 miles. Still gonna order a Corbin though.

Happy to say the Valkyrie is pretty awesome in the twisties, it's like riding a sport bike, just absolutely flies through the corners and power everywhere and with the addition of a windscreen (coming soon) it's a pretty awesome touring bike too. I now have the passenger backrest and rack so my tour bag will fit now, makes it great for quick weekend getaways. I have the Wing and F6B for anything longer lol.

Got caught in some nasty weather south of Atlanta and one really bad wreck. Ended up an RV park drying my clothes and waiting out the rain, that was fun.

Here are some pics from the trip:
Before the backrest was installed on Monday

Yup this doesn't suck

But this did, soaked!
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