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Dashboard angle

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Can the dashboard gauge be tilted or angled more towards the driver? I am 5'8", and sometimes I have to lean forward to see the clock. If it was tilted a little more, it would be more visible to me.

Anybody do this?
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You would have to bend the bracket to tilt it down. Not a hard thing to do. Just don't try it with the bracket still on the guage. You will break the guage cover. Pretty easy to take it off. A couple of screws on the front risers and a few on the lower cover. Put it in a vice, bend it and try it to see if it is better for you.
I agree, I had mine apart a couple time while installing the Slipstream windshield. Put in a vise and use a large crescent wrench, wouldn't think that you would have to heat it.
Thanks... I was hoping it was adjustable.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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