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I saw this on another site may be a good deal for someone (not mine)

For Sale - Corbin Fleetliner Bags for 2014 Valkyrie - $500

(see my Craigslist ad with photos here:

Note: right-side bag has some damage.

Need a replacement left-side bag for your black 2014 Honda Valkyrie? I've got it for you. I was slightly rear-ended as I was at the end of an exit ramp (guess the guy thought I was going to go). He was only going about 10 mph when he hit me, but enough to damage the right-side bag. You might be able to fix the damage, I don't have the skills. The bag is fully operational (still opens and locks) but is cosmetically imperfect. See the pics on the Craigslist link above.

Insurance bought me a new set, so now you benefit, too.

These are made to order by Corbin and cost $2100 new. They integrate extremely well on the Valkyrie - better than any other after-market bags you will find. Check them out:

Since one is damaged, I'll let them go for $500 cash including the mounting racks and hardware.

I'm not going to mail these, so you need to be within range of my Oakland, CA home or San Jose, CA office.
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