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Never done it before, hopefully never will again. I pulled up out the front of my house (usually go straight to garage but I was going out again), put the stand down, twisted the handlebars…. then realised the bike was hidden from where I would be in the house so decided to roll back a bit. Put the stand up, rolled back a few metres and proceeded to get off WITHOUT PUTTING THE STAND BACK DOWN. Like slow motion she started going over. I briefly toyed with trying to save it but decided I valued my back more. Luckily, the crash bar wedged into the kerb and kept the bike slightly off the ground. Only damage a gouge on the crash bar. Wow. A moment's loss of concentration. Still, I'm glad I didn't try and catch it. There's no way I could hold it up and I would have still ended up with a gouged crash bar AND, probably, a busted back. Lesson (I think): be especially vigilant when you're parking in a different way/place to your normal routine. Oh, and take your time. Rushing always leads to "sub-optimal decisions" as my old boss used to say :)
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