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Coolant question

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I rode about 40 miles today and notice a few drops of radiator fluid on my garage floor, it definitely came from the reservoir over flow tube. About 3 drops total. Does anyone know if this is normal or does something need checked? The bike only has about 1500 miles on it (2014 Valkyrie). Thanks for the input!
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As long as it's from the overflow reservoir it's not a problem. Just a few drops isn't anything to worry about.
I just had a lot of work done on my 98' Valkyrie Tourer. The mechanic told me that he topped off the radiator. On a short ride two nights later, I stopped and noticed coolant dripping down the right side of my tank and areas below the radiator cap. I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar issue with the cap removed/replaced?
This is the 1800 forum. You might want to check the 1500 forum. ;)
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