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Coolant change or Anti Freeze depending if your north or south of the Mason Dixon line.
20,000 Miles. Manual specifies 24,000 but I had the time and the coolant was reading low.
I followed the shop manual and that's were things began to go wrong.
Pull radiator pods, belly pan and left side cover for coolant recovery bottle dipstick.

Coolant drain just above oil filter, 8MM socket. Remove radiator cap right side and radiator plug left radiator.
Let her flow.

Replace copper sealing washer for drain plug and o ring for radiator plug b 4 refill.
Easy enough yes.

Then book tells you to remove coolant recovery bottle. DO NOT DO THIS.
The hose that comes from the right radiator into the coolant recover bottle is about 3 " too short.
The only way i could get it in was with an 11" long bent nose pliers. Many failed attempts. ##&&***^^$$#@@
Instead use a turkey baster with a long hose attached to evacuate the bottle.
Coolant was a little low in the bottle so that prompted the change. Never had a problem with overheating but
who knows how it was from the factory.

I measured 3 qts out " Very Dirty" and put 3 1/2 back in. Book calls for 4 but it is what it is.
Fairly simple job after you take half the bike apart to do this but that is okay. I needed to familiarize myself with
all this, bolt,;) push pin hardware because its been a year and what you did last year seems long ago.
That's it. Job done.

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Coolant change .Easy enough yes. Many failed attempts. ##&&***^^$$#@@. Fairly simple job after you take half the bike apart to do this but that is okay. I needed to familiarize myself with. That's it. Job done.
jam, I see you are getting intimate with your beast.. wont be long before you will know what makes her purr'. this is what I call wrench therapy. the more time you spend with your girl, the more you understand her and what she wants and needs.

I get tickled reading guys that want to pack a ton of tools for a trip and have never done any real maintenance. and they think they will be able to perform open heart surgery on the side of the road. first they wouldn't know where to begin even if they had all the resources.. and the other first is these are Hondas. tools, wtf? poncho
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