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Clutch kit

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Hi folks. Just received a clutch plate kit I bought for my 2002 F6C. It has ten plates in the pack. Nine are all the same size but one is about half the diameter of the others. Is this correct? I have never changed the clutch on this bike before so have no idea. All responses appreciated.
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Go here:

Are you talking friction plates? It shows 9 friction plates DISK A, CLUTCH FRICTION

And 1 other friction plate: DISK B, CLUTCH FRICTION
It looks like the smaller plate goes on very last. Take your clutch pack out and replace the new pack in the same way. You should be good to go!
Hope this helps!
WOW you need a clutch already lol... How many miles did it last?
just a thought

I had the shop manual for my 99 F6C. And it was pretty good. When ever I tackled a task that I had little or no knowledge of, I had a buddy take cellphone pics as I took things apart, so I would have a really good guide for putting them back together. As you can see, being retired gave us way too much time on our hands.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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