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I wanted a taller windshield than OEM to prevent buffeting, and to provide a vent for hot weather. I contacted clearview windshields on their website. There you can pick clear, or tinted, width, and height to your specs. Their windshields are thicker than OEM for durability, and they can flare your windshield at the top if desired. I have a 15 model F6C, and I ordered a 25 inch tall shield. They do not make the hardware for the shields, and depending on your model it is best if you send them a picture of the windshield on your bike as the mounts have changed over the years. I believe mine cost was 300.00 including freight with a vent in the screen. Be aware that if you send your screen to them to match your mounts, the shipping cost is prohibitive. When they ship yours to you they are getting a volumn discount from FEDEX.
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