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Cheaper peg mods????

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Does anyone have knowledge of ebay or amazon highway pegs fitting OTHER than the $200-300 Kurykens? (spelling)
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I know they are pricey, but the Ergo 3's are the best and worth the money. The cheaper ones have been known to strip out the bolt, not stay tight and just break and fall off.


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I went cheap the first time with some highway boards from China that I bought off eBay. They sucked really bad. I ended up buying the Ergo 3 as well. Look for a used pair off a full wing. I found mine last year and only paid $149 for them on a close out special. I posted about it back then.
I looked around for about 6 months and finally went with the ergo 3's. Yes they are pricey but they dont interfear with lean angle so you're not constantly adjusting them between corners and comfort. You also only have to buy them once
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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