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Cheap switches....

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I know we were complaining about the kill switch a while ago......

Well now my blinker switch intermittently works in the right position. I can signal left all day with ease but right is 50/50.

I keep my bike indoors so it's not getting exposed to the elements daily. This is beginning to cause me some concern regarding the electrical system on these bikes.......
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Yeah. I noticed my high beam does not work properly. It is not real smooth and I have to push it hard to activate.
I'm thinking that these are used on a lot of bike, and since almost all our bike are under warrenty a trip to the dealership should fix the issue. But I'd call and make sure they have them in stock so its not the same as our front tires.
I noticed my high beam switch only seems to act up when it is cold (40ish or less).
Fortunately no problems here except if I piss around with the kill switch but in normal operation nothing at all. 27000k and I have been know to ride in some really heavy rain.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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