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Just a shortish 400+ k ride down to Casino for lunch. We have done this ride many times and it is one of my favorite paths down there. Generally I make ride videos of ones that I really enjoy so I can look back in the future and get a "feel" of what it was like. Better then photos I recon.

On this ride I had a better time then usual as I have a new Corbin seat and I didn't have to sit on that back seat once. I also have a new Pilot Road 4 Trail front tire (replacing that Harley Breakout tire... I got just shy of 27000k out of that btw) to match my Pilot road 4 GT on the rear. (Yes it is awesome!) So yay, worth remembering.

It also helps that I enjoy doing these things. I have 2 cameras now and I just bought a new metal dual suction cup mount for the bike mounted camera. Too many good things that weekend... worth remembering :)

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