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Can someone else confirm this please?

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My mechanic has had the tank off my Valkyrie and I've only just noticed this daylight between tank and frame (you have to get down at that level to see it). Can someone else just confirm this is standard please?

On another note, this "magic sponge" product (melamine sponge) is awesome for cleaning bugs off your bike without chemicals. Well, not strictly true because the sponge obviously is the chemical - ie you use a little square of it and it actually kinda dissolves as you use it. Works a treat and very cheap - a packet was about AUD$2.50 at the Daiso shop (cheap Japanese products).

On an even 'nother note, I just read Melissa Holbrook Pierson's "The Man Who Would Stop At Nothing", the story of John Ryan, mega-long distance rider. Highly recommended. It's about John but it's really also about you and me and all of us who ride and why we have such a passion for it. On the strength of that book I've bought her other motorcycle tome: "The Perfect Vehicle". Good writer.


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I've only just noticed this daylight between tank and frame
Yep! I think it is very cool and made me wonder that Honda had to really put some thought into building it this way.

On another note... Recently I've been riding it the hot and humid weather we normally have and noticed sprinkles of water flowing up on inside of shield. Freaked out first time a little thinking radiator was busted but after it warms up really well, don't see it anymore. I am assuming this is due to where the rads are located and the moisture builds up and flies off blowing up onto screen.
normal , airflow cools the tank and gas. Honda did a great job keeping the heat off the rider.
Yeah mine has the gap. Sitting in an adirondack chair in the garage i could just see the front of the tool chest.
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That is awesome!!
Considering the shape of the tank and the lines of the frame, it would have taken Honda considerable design and fab effort to blend those shapes into something more artistically pleasing. Honda forte’ is function and performance over form.. They chose to keep it simple, straight lines, hence the gap. As for cooling airflow, if that is a function, it is by coincidence not design. If you put your legs against the tank when riding, this airflow would cease defeating that function.
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