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Hi, I am from Australia Queensland in fact. I have had this great bike for two day's and love him.
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Well I still all her mussel's.
I'd never ride a "she" that weighs more than me so my bike has a neutral name.

I also don't think of my bike in terms of sexuality so naming it as if it was a man is fine too. It's like your best friend in that respect.
I'm pretty sure all Valkyrie's are woman. ☺ And I'm also pretty sure mrtappan the only thing you don't want your friends to see you on in a moped.


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I right, I forgot because it's a "valkyrie" it's supposed to be woman. Well mines out of luck. Its just a model name, like nurse, there can be guy ones and girls ones.

I actually named mine in honor of Edward Lowe's pirate ship, The Fancy. So its fairly feminine. I'm not Norse so I'm not really into the whole "It's like a mythical battle angel" thing. I wouldnt even call it a "Valkyrie" but no one knows what a GL1800C is........
:)what ever you call it badass for sure i live this bike and its my57th bike.lets ride like the wind,
I put the Valkyrie in the "adequate" but not "impressive" category. I'm still disappointed its a stock Goldwing engine.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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