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After 3,700 miles I decided to wash the bike. I would have washed it sooner but every time I thought about washing it, I decided to ride instead. But today I just had to do it.

Obviously, the bike is a huge bug destroying machine. The inlet wing things to the radiators were crammed with bugs and bug parts. I started washing the bike and I had no idea how I would get all of those bugs and bug parts out.

My wife was helping me by drying parts of the bike with my leaf blower. She aimed the blower in from the back and side of the radiator and blew bugs and bug parts all over the place.

So, while it was not obvious to me, the way to get the bugs out is to blow them out from whence they came.

PS - A gasoline-powered leaf blower might put the exhaust in the air stream it is blowing out. This could cause your bike to get covered in droplets of two-stroke oil. At least that happened to me once. I use a $25 electric one now.
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I would think that the bugs would be too sticky to get off with a leaf blower but that is a good thing to know. I'm happy that with the weather cooling down the bugs will start to die on their own. You should post a before/after picture next time you go to wash it. I'd be interested to know what it looks like.
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