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Bringing the bars back

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Has anyone had the need to bring the handlebars back? I'd be in a more comfortable riding position if I could bring them back just an inch or so. I can't see how risers will work due to the instrument display. Maybe a different handlebar altogether. Any suggestions.
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I think a couple of guy have done in on the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club
Given the current environment, I thought this thread was going in a WHOLE 'nother direction. :eek:

A lot of people do the Rox Riser supposed to be a 2 inch rise and about a inch and a half pullback I’m waiting for my Corbin Dual Tour to get here next month to see exactly where the seat has me sitting before I elect to do this... allegedly you can have Corbin tailor the seat to scoot you up a inch or two... allegedly
“I can't see how risers will work due to the instrument display.“
I installed 3” Rox stretching the wires as far as possible. I had to make a bracket to extend the speedometer. 👍🏼
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