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I've been riding a CTX 1300 for two months now after years of BMW (including the R1200 GSW) because I've decided to drive more carefully (or wisely ?). Alas, after 5000 km I think I'm through with the CTX - nice bike, smooth and awesome look - but it is not as funny as it used to be.
I'm looking for a F6c because it has more power and an incredible torque (16 vs 10) though I know I won't ride it any faster than the CTX (you can't beat a R1200 GSW anyway >:D). Flat six and enormous torque are really fun to ride (and the noise is nice too !), the good thing is that the handling is a easy as with the CTX. The bad thing is that in Europe (Germany, France where I live) the price of the F6c is higher (official 21' €, approx. 27' US$ ?) and maybe not so fashionable here ( = hard to sell when you've bought it new, like I did with the CTX).:crying:
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