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@Richmonder - I installed it this past weekend. It was easy and didn't take much time, so here's what I did - nothing different from what the OP (@AJS ) and others have mentioned in the thread above, I should've taken a video but didn't.
The key is to have enough clearance ( I don't have a jack or a lift, so I just used my rhino ramps - rode the bike onto one of 'em and put my side stand on the other - which gave me a whole lot of clearance ) under the bike for you to find the 4 10mm bolts( 2 on either side ) that hold the plastic casing right by your gear shifter on the left and the foot brakes on the right. once you have the bolts off, you won't be actually taking out the plastic casing but kinda flex it out so that the side tongue of the rear part of the belly pan ( and is slotted for this on both sides ) gets in, there is also a slot punched out for the coolant overflow pipes, so position it accordingly.
After this step - fitting the front part is easy - you just have to align it to the holes already punched out - make sure you insert the tongue before tightening up. quoting from the OP and you will find this in the thread above - It's held on by sliding the front lip up and forward so it rests tucked into the lower cowling and then securing it to the rear section of the belly pan with two screws.
Hope this is helpful! Good luck!
I also did the USB phone charger but didn't have enough real estate left on my handlebar, so utilized the hardware of the Blvd screen to just hang it there. ( i think @Farther did something like that if my memory serves me right )
Thanks ashram! Unfortunately I don't have anything to jack up the bike on, so I have to do it on my back. And that makes it really hard. I may ultimately have to get Honda to do this. How pathetic.

I'd like to see how you set up your power port, because it sounds like you did exactly what I did by using a screw on the windhield mount. Mine is kind of cocked sideways yet still perfectly accessible. And it keeps the real estate on the bars available for other gadgets.

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