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Barber vintage festival

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Birmingham, Ala. Oct 9-10-11.
3 Days of vintage bike racing, swap meets, bike shows, museum tour, parties, etc...
Is anyone thinking about attending?
I'm putting in for this vacation time tomorrow. Hoping to ride down from NC and tent camp for the event.
Would be nice to see some other Valk's in the crowd.
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A really nice and well laid out museum. It's worth the trip if you're close.
For sure, So Cal is a bit farther away than NC.
Been there last 3 years in a row but won't make it this year. Good time & several good local roads to ride. Have to admit that it seems to be getting bigger every year. We always stay at the America's Best Value Inn, located on the banks of the Coosa River, in Riverside.
Wife and I will be there again this year . Brother is an official at the track so tickets are free and Mom lives just north of there for a place to stay. V-12 Kow


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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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