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Backrest Mounted Luggage Rack

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I want to add the luggage rack to my Genuine Honda Accessory back rest. My local dealer says there is a bracket I will need that is almost as much as the luggage rack itself. It was my understanding the "shelf" just mounted into the existing threaded holes in the vertical sections of the back rest. Any of F6C riders have the actual Honda back rest and luggage "shelf"?
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These be the parts you need ........... 08L72-MJR-670 attachment kit / 08L71-MJR-670 Rack /08F70-MJR-670 Backrest with pad.
Dig deep ............................. Cheers.
Since you already have the Honda backrest and pad, you only need the rear carrier. Part # 08L71-MJR-670
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Super!!! Thats what I thought. Thank you.
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