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back in the wind

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Picked up my '14 Valkyrie in Rockingham, NC and rode it back to Nashville, TN in one night. I couldn't let go of the throttle. I have had it for 3 weeks and it is the best therapy I have found. Looking forward to seeing the accessories and modifications that everyone incorporates.


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Small world rkroden. I live in NC and bought my black and blur '14 a few months ago in Rockingham also, and then spent the first 2 weeks of June in Nashville working. Welcome to the forum, and hang on tight. I immediately put 2" risers on and Show Chrome led fogs, mods I consider essential. I also installed the Toce triple tip pipes (modest sound improvement) and have a SlipStream screen in the garage when the need arises. Lots of other little things to do in time. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Valk, and with over 1k miles on it have become much more comfortable. I've found my modus operandi is to practice my 0-60 technique from every stop, and then watch out for the other guy. Lotsa fun!
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