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Hello Everyone,

I've been thinking about a dual sport for quite some time.
Last year I had a chance to swing a leg over a friend's WR250R, took it out on a short-ish ride, jammed it into some weeds, climbed a few ditches, rode it on the street and I was instantly thinking: Yep... I'd like one of these.

Additionally, this was before I had my Valkyrie, and my only bike at the time was a Yamaha Tenere 700, which I did off-road a bit.
After riding the WRR, I knew instantly that the Tenere was going to go to a new owner and I was ready to move on.

I knew I wanted something different for road riding (Tenere700 to Valkyrie or VMax) and for dirt and trail riding (Tenere700 to WRR/DualSport of some kind)

I'm not saying the WRR or Valkyrie are better than the T7, but for me, they made more sense.
The T7 off road is great for an accomplished off-road rider, Check out: Pol Tarres the seeker, Tenere 700
But for me, its brutally heavy for a dirt bike (I weighed mine at 450lbs) its tall, wide, felt incredibly intimidating on the dirt, and on the street, I was just not enjoying the T7 all that much. So I got my Valk for street riding, and never looked back.

Fast forward some months, searching for dual sports (wrr on top of my list), and almost as a fluke a CRF300L popped up very close to me.
Its about a year old, priced well (cheaper than a 10 year old WRR) but needed a bit of work (it sat a for almost a year, and needed a few parts to make it the way I wanted it for me, front & rear springs as its way under-sprung, skid plate, hand guards for protection and a few other personal touches) Otherwise its stock.

View attachment 13571

The little CRF is a great dual sport.
On the street, its definitely not fast, but surprisingly plush and street riding it, is only to get it to/from the trails, or linking a few trails together (street riding, the Valk is FAR better)
Off-road, its a blast! It feels and handles like its 1/3 the weight of the Tenere 700,
Compared to the Valk it literally feels like a mountain bike with an engine
Its very agreeable, friendly, and easy to ride (which makes for a far more enjoyable confidence inspiring ride in the dirt.)

I'd recommend trying a dual sport if you've ever fancied one. They're a hoot, and make a great 2nd bike in the garage.

Awesome bike. Two bikes makes sense. I was looking at the Super Tenere 1200 recently to try to accommodate the best of both worlds, when I was recently selling my Valkyrie. I don't think one bike can do both well. Two bikes may be my answer as well. Congratulations on a nice bike. Is that pic in Canada?
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