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Alternative to the insanely prices Honda OEM 12v plug.

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The price of the OEM 12v cigarette lighter plug under the seat made me choke and the fact it switched off when the bike was turned off made it useless to me. I need to charge batteries for my camera, phone and Sena intercom pretty much all the time when I am out so I went another way.

To start with I installed a cheap cigarette lighter plug from ebay into the OEM position and then I wired it to the toggle switch that you can see and then that directly to the battery through fuses of course. The switch and the plug was about $15 AU.

Here is the same storage area except fully loaded now. Owners manual, toolkit, tire repair kit, insulation tape, camera battery charger, spare earphones, several different usb cables + adapters + plugs and sunglasses. It all fits and I can flip that switch on and off no problems.

I then installed a weatherproof dual usb plug on the bars that is also controlled through the same switch under the seat.

They allow me to power my phone aka satnav that I also installed a weatherproof case for. The thing sucks power like no tomorrow when the GPS is in use.

Pretty happy with the way it turned out. I like the general look of the setup and it works just the way I want to to. The only thing I am going to do in future is source a bit of radiator pipe/heater hose that is the same diameter as the USB socket if I can. It is only weatherproof with the cap on and the cable unplugged. I figure if I put something with a bend on it then it should stand up to most rain with the plug left in.

So all up 1 cigarette lighter plug under the seat and 2 usb points on the bars for a lot less then a single OEM plug and for me at least a lot more useful.
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Nice 12V setup Shrubbo!

I also use the handlebar/phone setup for sat nav, but man it gets HOT... makes me wonder if my ($$$) smartphone will survive the coming Qld Aussie summer... maybe it's time for a Tom Tom or similar dedicated satnav.
Yeah that is possible. I am expecting I will get some warning about that if it does get too hot. I have before when it's been left it in the car and the same thing has happened so I am not actually worried about damaging the thing. Time will tell and summer is coming :)
Everybody needs 12V power thes days

Hey Shrubbo,
Still racking up big km's?
Went for a quick fang up the hills the other day for some peg
grinding action. The Valkyrie is so reassuring in the corners you can actually push down on the peg with your foot as its grinding.
Will have to make some sliders like yours,preferably something that sparks up.
I did the same with the 12v power.
Went to Jaycar and got a battery to SAE connector, the SAE to cigi lighter connector and a neat little plug with 3 USB ports and a inbuilt volt meter so you can see how the battery is charging.Just lock it all up in the little trunk and Presto I-pod and phone taken care of.
Got the Perth Motorcycle and Scooter Shoe this weekend.New Norton will be there am keen to see it.
Take care and Keep on Riding
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Always mate, honestly tho I wouldn't be real keen scraping the pegs with the stock bolts of death. If you used those Peg Savers with that cheap ass mod of mine then you will know what I mean.

They glide over the road instead of digging in and you really can put your full weight on them no problem. They also last, mine are still going tho I just ordered a new set but if you want sparks it is going to cost. $150 AU for titanium. Crappy AU dollar. But worth every cent. I hit 3 cats eyes in a row at high speed and apart from the noise no problems, I don't think you would fair so well with those stock bolts :D
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