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Air intake duct

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I know i could whip the seat and panels off myself to try and answer this but its much less hassle if someone would be kind enough to reply. Where is the air intake on the F6C? On my 1100 Pan European its sort of where your crotch is under a dummy petrol tank cover .i.e. tucked away.

Reason is i was following a tractor kicking up loads of dust and debris but i could neither get past or stop (because of cars behind) so i had to ride through it. If its out front very exposed all that guff would be heading into the air box :( , if not i might have got away with it if you know what i mean. Its also just useful to know a bit more about my bike.
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The air intake is under the fuel tank pointing towards the back of the bike. There is no snorkel on it. I doubt much if any got in. Nothing to worry about.
Brilliant. Thank you. Also good to know for washing it.
The air box intake has 3 inlet point-2 in rear 1 in front
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