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Accessory list and install instructions

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I finally discovered the secret website with the Valkyrie Accessories.
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Is it actually a secret website?

All I see through the link is a Honda page that tells me that I need to log in again...

Maybe it is a secret.
yeah thats what i came across too, maybe they quickly shut off access to it.

"Your session has expired. Please re-login from the Login Page."
Try This Link

Here is a link that works.

Select "I Agree" then "Next"
Select "Honda User". thern next.
Select the model you want.
Power Outlet

Picked my Valk up today and dealer was unfamiliar with accessories but looked up the Power Outlet for me as I would like to have 12 volts up front for Radar detector or Nav. The instructions show it mounting behind the right side cover??? Now someone explain the benefit of having it there? Are we to run an extension cord under the tank and wire tie it up front? What were they thinking?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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