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I am in process of remodeling and updating the Red Barron so it can fly longer range missions. Nothing to affect the running gear or otherwise excellent performance she is giving. Just functionary creature comforts and baggage issues.
So the problem that presents itself is that any all aftermarket side bags and/or trunk all come with their own special locks and keys, even getting them keyed alike is a crap shoot. So then you are stuck with extra keys on your bike key ring and they need to be secured so as to not tear up the dashboard console..

Ok, so this idea is still in its nebulous stage and I have ways to make things work.. So I took the lock set off the useless tool box door and if/when I need a second matching lock I will redo the gas door release button. Certainly that can be simplified as it is more over engineering on Hondas part..

So if I work these bike specific lock sets into new bags and/or trunk, THEN only one key necessary to fly this thing will be the one it came with.. 1 key fits all. my new project awaits. poncho
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