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Hello from Cape Breton Island, Canada. As I write this we are soon to be hit by Hurricane Fiona which has already carved a destructive path through the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. My bike is currently parked outside with a rain cover on so I hope it stays there when Fiona goes past haha!

I bought my 2015 in August last year after riding a 2003 for 17 years. I quickly realised that I would not be able to ride for very long with the discomfort I felt after just a couple of rides around the block. I had a 3,500 km 2-up ride to do in a couple of weeks and debated if I should use my 2003 which I still had.
I decided I wanted to ride the 2015, mainly because of the ABS, the bigger tank and just the sheer fun of a new bike.

So over the next couple of weeks, I did the following mods:

  • Put in 2 inch risers.
  • Lowered the OEM tall windshield as far down as it would go. (the risers created huge gaps at the bottom)
  • Put on a couple of toe rests. I don’t need to stand on them, just rest my toes. After 17 years on a bike with them this was a must for me.
  • Fabricated a small makeshift backrest. I ride mostly 2-up and the Corbin backrest is way too big. Plus, I pefer to ride without a backrest and the one I made goes in and out easily and takes up very little space in my Honda bags. Very handy when I just need to rest my back for a few minutes during a long ride. Not pretty but it works and is hidden away most of the time.

When we put the risers in (a big shout out to @bscrive for helping me with this), we secured the display pod with a couple of cable ties. Too loose and wobbly. The next day I removed them and used the metal bits from inside two cable clamps that were taken off to enable the pod to “rise”. Worked really well.

While I still miss my 2003, after a year of many rides, I love my 2015 now.

Next jobs when I put her away for the winter is a set of hardbags and maybe a centre stand. The OEM bags are just too small for me and I hate that I can’t lock them.

I’m happy that I made the move to the 2015. The 2003 was great to ride and always the centre of conversation whenever I stopped for coffee, but I’d put about 100k miles on it and things were starting to need some real maintenance. The ABS is a good safety addition and not having to stop for gas so frequently is a real plus on long rides.
Just before covid hit, my wife and I were planning a ride to Zion National Park which we obviously had to cancel…it’s time to restart that planning on our new(to us) shiny red Valkyrie
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