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A couple of home videos

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This first one is quite long (18 minutes) but covers quite a long day trip I did that ended up being a touch over 1100k's. I enjoyed it so much I spent a long long time making the video so I would always remember it in a way that just photos wouldn't for me.

The Grafton Glen Innes Loop 07 March 2015

This second one kind of illustrates how much I love this bike no matter the weather.

Wet 03rd April 2015

Anyway I hope you enjoy :)
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Great job on the videos, thanks for sharing.

That was a quick 18 minutes, just the right length, had me laughing more than once...:laugh:
Holy crap, you guys were driving on the wrong side of the road the entire trip! Awesome video and audio!! Uhh..that was a big bug!>:D
Was the wet video Canungra/Beechmont/Tambourine? I've never seen another Valkyrie on the roads in Brisbane but I do do that loop occasionally.
Yeah that's the one Bob :)
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