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2016 Valkyrie

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Just curious, has anyone heard or seen of any 2016 model years being produced? If not, we may have production for the two years prior only. If that is the case with this model; we may have a potential for a collectors bike if you have one. I still like my black 2014 Valkyrie:cool: and will hang onto it.
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Honda, in Canada anyway, is only listing 2015 Valks as being available..
I think this bike will become a "collectors item" like the Rune did....... which didn't work well for it.

Sure people ask a lot for them because they're "rare" but no one buys them because there's no support for them.........

I think the second generation Valkyrie had a lot of potential if they made it more accessible for aftermarket support. They didn't though, so now you have a Goldwing with no storage, a 125mph limiter, and no after market support. Not exactly the thing people will be beating down the door for.

I own one and while it's nice, it could have been so much better. Not trying to be negative but that's the fact of the matter.
A couple more years then will see the novelty of our bikes as limited in production. I also have a black Yamaha Morphous scooter limited in the USA sales from 06 to 08, yet in Japan they are sold as the Yamaha Maxam badge to this day. Park either bike somewhere and you will get some conversation along with what kinda bike is that. When riding with the Harley only crowd once in awhile they have a difficult time keeping up on the interstate when I roll the throttle on the Valkyrie. I have kept both my bikes in stock condition and plan on keeping them that way, the Yamaha has storage compartments for stuff, the Valkyrie no storage but a backpack on the passenger pillion with a bungee net works great. Anything over a hundred miles an hour is cool for a bit but I am more into laid back cruising with the occasional throttle twist to high speed which is enough to get my fifty eight year old senses pumped up. While at Street Vibrations in Reno this year, I saw a Goldwing GL1800 with 429,000 miles on it and in Lake Tahoe a GL1500 with 279,000 miles on it. So I would imagine that both my bikes will most likely be passed down to family after I expire from this life because I am pretty sure it would be difficult for me to put that much mileage on my scoots but the longevity of these motors is amazing if we take care of them. Just thankful to be riding as it is one of my favorite things to do; it is like making an escape into adventure.
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Everywhere I look I find no sign that there is a 2016 scheduled to be released.
Hi ,

I live in Bangkok
The new F6C was here last week @ Bangkok bike festival ( model 2016 )
I gonna order one in March .... price 855.000 baht
that's $23,900 give or take a few dollars depending on exchange rate.
855.000 = 855,000 The period is used as a coma.:)
yes very high import tax in Thailand
But its not that bad
Harley 48 new model 2016 is 889,000 baht for black color
and 930,000 baht for the Hard Candy color

So yes , i choose the F6C

Cant wait
I mean its not to bad for the Honda F6C as in some parts of Europe its almost the same price ?

But Harley is almost double price here in Thailand comparing with Europe

Here is the most expensive one : cvo Road Glide ultra = 2,940.000 baht what is around 82.000 $
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