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20" Gustaffen Screen Installed!

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And it works fantastic. So much better. The wind buffeting is way down and is actually comfortable to ride at any speed. The guys over there are awesome to work with. I called them back and chatted a bit about the issues I was having with the wind. Lief started making some suggestions to figure out what might work.

So I went with some of his suggestions and here are the mock up's (don't laugh ti works lol). Used some of that poster board my kids use for projects. Works really well and actually this stayed on even after multiple 75mph passes.

I also tried this as well and it worked surprisingly well.

Measurements were taken from both, gave them feedback and Robbie designed this for me:

It works very well. We didn't do a euro flip on this one, we sit so far back from the screen (at least I do) that it ends up creating turbulence as the wind gets thrown up, mixed with clean air and then slammed back down right on top of my head. So i wanted to smooth the airflow over the screen so it's a better transition from the screen to the cleaner air higher up.

Overall very happy. I think I'm gonna get the little Honda side wings too trim some of the air coming around the tank and should be perfect, all though it's really good where it is now!

Thanks to Robbie and Lief over Gustaffen! We traded pics, did some FaceTime to see the drawings and they custom made everything for me. Really cool folks.
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Can you say, "Pushing a Barn Window down the road?"
You said you call it like you see it. Nothing personal!>:D:x;)
The screen isn't actually flat it has a pretty decent curve to it. Personally I think it looks better than the Honda Tall windshield with the chrome brackets because this uses the boulevard mounting system. Much cleaner install but get the same desired effect. Nice quiet ride, less buffeting. The screen is so clear that during the day it virtually disappears so you don't notice it as much.
I was just kidding you! You're right the Honda tall screen is so wrong. To tell you the honest truth, I wish we didn't need a windscreen. The Valkyrie looks so cool and natural without! It is what it is!:)
Thanks for posting your windshield pics..

I'm undecided on a screen at this time.
So far the only time I'm missing one is on the interstate. For me up to 65mph the air flow is very smooth, not that bad.
However I do ride with a full face helmet...
So I did some tweaking. Ended up bending the mounting brackets upward to raise the shield this also raked it back quite a bit changing the look of how it sits on the bike. This was pretty good benefit as it moved the shield closer to me to clean up the air even more. It was raked a bit to far back so i bent the mounting tabs on the brackets to straighten it up a bit. Came out much better and so far works really well. No buffeting on the helmet or head. I look through the shield, which by the way is super super clear. In the day time it's so clear it almost disappears. The boulevard mount brackets are perfect they completely disappear around all the black for the cluster and center above the headlight instead of that big chrome mess on the Honda tall setup. Overall it's perfect for riding at any speed, still plenty of air and I don't feel like I'm gonna get ripped off the bike at highway speeds. It's also a lot quieter too so easier on my ears.

I do think I'm going to get the little wings that attache down on the side to clean that air stream up a little as well, should knock just enough off to make it a very smooth comfy ride.
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Can you say, "Pushing a Barn Window down the road?"
You said you call it like you see it. Nothing personal!>:D:x;)
My first thought was "Which scooter did that come off of, a Silverwing?" It doesn't seem to match the bike to me.

I guess anything is more functional than that quarter screen. Although an OEM full windshield functions fine and to me looks far more natural and matched to the bike. Once again, just a matter of personal style I guess.
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I think it looks great. I admire the pioneers who push the envelope and then share their successes and failures. Thanks PhantomX.
thanks for sharing your photo's on windshield. With your earlier post on the 18"windshield I'm learning what size windshield to go with.
I do believe your set up does look better than the Honda Tall W/S that has the two big rectangle chrome plates.
Thanks again;)
Hey guys here are some pics after i did some tweaking with the brackets. Definitely better for sure. Also some better angles

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Hey, not bad for 18 inches. That's what she said!:eek:
Actually it's 21" but hey who's measuring lol...
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